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I Stopped My Sister From Dating Broke Guys Because They Are Pretenders

I am a strong believer in traditional gender roles. And i believe that men should work hard and earn reasonably before they nurture any thought of dating or even marrying. Like they say why would a guy who cannot take care of him self properly think he can handle extra expenses that comes with courtship and marriage? But that's not even the problem, these guys are big time pretenders. They know they wouldn't hang on if they were in your position so they hope that you remain foolish for as long as the world last. They don't love you because if they did they would make your life better not miserable. Any man that does not seek to make your life better does not love you. African women, African men do not really love you because they are not after your happiness but theirs. They admire the freshness of non African women. Those women are watered by the sweat of their men, protected by the wealth created by their men. We thank God for them. This is something i tell my younger sis; You are a woman, an African woman for that matter, you have very little value in the eyes of African men, not your fault but you must be smart and stand for yourself and every woman that looks like you. Don't be foolish, there are barely no african men who have your back except me. You must do everything to make your life better and not worse Cape for yourself first and make sure you are comfortable before you start supporting another, that's what reasonable people do. Men know they can never approach some types of women except they are made, be that kind of woman. They don't call this type of women gold diggers, they are called status symbols or trophies. Men desire trophies not struggles. I am a man so i should know. You are a woman, ''ride or die'' is for slaves. There was a rich man who married his old time lover, but there were hundreds who ditched theirs for ''better women''. Your chances of benefitting from your struggle love are 0.00001. If you are big risk taker go for it and good luck. As for the female folks that surround me such nonsense is frowned upon in our clan.

Hem jay ho

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