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When I Say I Will Not Marry A Poor Man I Mean it

I was on facebook few minutes ago when I saw the post of a lady that doesnt believe in building up with a poor man. Her post was inspired by another post that buttresses her belief. Here is what she actually posted. "When I say I will not marry a poor/broke man, I do NOT say it with any atom of guilt. Even though it makes so many poor men suffer some episodes of poverty-induced seizures. This is a South African man who spoke the unpopular truth about what many African man have in their heads.. as it's played out in reality a lot of the times. Show me one Nigerian man who remained loyal to the woman who was with him when he was broke/poor and did so for at least 10-years after he saw wealth; and I will show you 10 men who became disloyal. It's after they make the money they will realize that that woman who suffered with them is too fat, too dark, too tall, has k-leg, doesn't dress well, tie wrapper too much, smells like nigiri, nags a lot, or not beautiful enough for their new status. Woe betide you if you trust the loyalty of a poor man. Dear ladies, You CANNOT earn a man's loyalty by staying with him while he is broke/poor. Men are loyal to who they want to be loyal to. I do NOT believe in building with a poor man. I only want to build with a man who has already gone far in his building. You and your parents MUST have built yourself to a certain minimum before I would look your way. In Africa, women who aspire to marry wealthy men are made to feel guilty for that. And that's a cultural bullshit if you ask me. Money and connections are two of my top seven boxes for choosing a husband. *-* Oh... they said "marry for love", huh? I will. I'm surroundings myself with rich people so that I can fall in love with one of them. � *-* Someone will come into this post and throw me that overused line of "If you want to marry a rich man, you must be rich." Tah! Sharrap! Who made that law? I'm broke but I will still marry a rich man. It's NOT me that will build with a man so that he will use OUR MONEY to date and/or marry another woman.''

Hem jay ho

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